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Everybody Discount

Basic charges are discounted in continuous 2-year units.

Flat rate Not required Application Required


Basic charges
Unlimited Calling Plan S(Smart phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(Smart phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan S(Mobile phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(Mobile phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone・Data)
¥1,500 OFF
Junior Smartphone Plan
Senior Plan
¥1,000 OFF
LTE Plan
VK Plan S
VK Plan M
VK Plan
LTE Plan S
Plan Z Simple
Plan SS Simple
Plan E Simple
Plan S Simple
mamorino Watch Plan
50% OFF
  • * By subscribing in combination with Family Discount, domestic calls to members in the same Family Discount group are free 24 hours a day!
    Everybody Discount + Family Discount
  • * The names of rate plans and data flat rate services for 4G LTE (au VoLTE) Android™ smartphones have "(V)".

About the contract period

Figure About the contract period
  • The Everybody Discount contract terms are in two-year units, and the period from the subscription date to the following month is counted as the first month.
  • The two-year contract period will be renewed automatically unless you request termination.
  • Excluding the renewal period, if you cancel or suspend your contract, or terminate Everybody Discount, you incur a contract cancellation fee of ¥9,500, regardless of how many years you have been subscribed to Everybody Discount. The cancellation fee is not incurred in the renewal period. After your 11th year as an au subscriber, if you are subscribed to Everybody Discount and Family Discount (or Business Discount), the contract cancellation fee is ¥3,000.
  • If changing between Everybody Discount and Everybody Discount Single, the contract cancellation fee is not incurred and the contract terms of the previous service continues.
  • If One-year Discounted Subscription, Everybody Discount Light, or other discount services is switched to Everybody Discount or Everybody Discount Single, a contract cancellation fee is not incurred, and the contract term for the previous service is not continued. However, if Tablet Plan ds (3-year contract)/(3-year contract/L) or WiMAX2+ Flat for DATA (4-year contract) is switched to Everybody Discount or Everybody Discount Single, a contract cancellation fee is incurred.
  • If the contract is cancelled or suspended, or Everybody Discount is terminated, the discount applies up to the usage of the current month.
  • The renewal period has expanded to 2 months for the customers who enter into the renewal month in May 2016 or later.
  • Click here for more details (in Japanese only)

Eligible models

  • 4G LTE Smartphones
  • 3G Smartphones
  • iPhone
  • 4G LTE Feature Phone
  • Feature Phone

List of combinations of rate discount services

For the rate discount services that can be combined with Everybody Discount, click the link below.

List of combined rate discount services (in Japanese only)


  • For customers using the Rate plan for the Full Support course in the Full Support course, a contract cancellation fee will not be incurred.
  • If you sign up for the Everybody Discount and either the Family Discount or Business Discount, you receive the basic usage charge discount provided by the Everybody Discount, as well as the domestic call discounts and free SMS (C-mail) among family or group members, provided by the Family Discount or Business Discount. If you select the Sharing Course, free call sharing is applicable.
  • If you subscribe to Simple Plan S or Simple Plan L, Everybody Discount is not applied.

*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.